About me

I started playing badminton when I was 6 years old. After a year or so my trainers told me and my parents I had talent. So I went to Chemps. I got a shoulder injury. It took me almost 1 and a half year to recover. I played by Chemps for almost 4 years. But I wanted to really reach the top. I couldn’t play there anymore with people of my level and age. I got asked for the Academy in Amersfoort. My parent weren’t that sure about it. Because I had that big injury. But later I said I really wanted to go. Although it was hard to leave something old behind. First year of the academy went great. I ended in the top 6 of the Netherlands. But mental I wasn’t that strong. I got frustrated. There is where I met Ilse. She helped me to put badminton next to my personal life. I am really thankful. For what she did and still now I think we make a great team. With the training of Fred van Wankum and Arie Hof. But also Ilse van de Burgwal standing next to me, I hope I will get the best out of myself to reach what I want to reach and always have a lot of fun playing badminton.